Max Stern | Interferences

Max Stern | Interferences Edition 2

This book is not a catalog depicting the work of Max Stern; it is the work itself.

The things Max Stern makes stem from his fascination with numbers, systems, grids, structures and patterns. Underlying these are almost always numerical sequences that can be processed and combined in various ways, and in which the numbers are replaced by graphic elements, in different colors and multiple layers. The field in which all this takes place is, by definition, a square area.

Because this book is the actual work, Max Stern has developed the following concept for it: the book contains 396 pages and the first edition is ten copies. The price of this is one euro per page, i.e. 396 euros. This edition is sold out, and a second edition will be printed: twice as much, and twice as expensive. And so on. The attraction of an early edition is thus its affordability and rarity. The first four editions (a total of 150 copies) will remain unchanged except for the cover and the numbering per edition, which is indicated on each page. Starting with the fifth edition, works may be replaced by newer or previously unplaced things. The size will always remain 396 pages. Each book will be numbered and signed and given a unique and verifiable coding based on a 6×6 magic square. Two additional (artist proof) copies will be printed per edition and are intended for Max Stern’s own archive.

You can order a copy of the second edition.

Max Stern was born in a small provincial town in 1960. He studied in a somewhat larger provincial town and became interested in the possibilities of computers and learned to program. He wrote programmes to create structures and patterns. After his studies, he worked as a [book] designer. In addition to his regular work, he produced a large number of works [things] based on various mathematical series and structures. After his retirement, he elaborated them in the coherent series “Interferences” which, despite its fairly limited starting points, has an almost infinite number of variations. Max Stern does not exhibit or sell his work; he wishes to keep all these works together as a whole. However, he is currently working on a plan for a large studio and presentation space where all the work can be stored and a selection of it shown. Part of this is a 225-square-metre space, part of which will be monitors and the rest mirror walls in which a visual presentation of his work will be shown in a dizzying and infinite form. The programme that Stern is developing for this will never produce the same image twice, so that every visitor sees something that no one else has ever seen before or will ever see again. You can contact Max at the info address of this website.