Max Stern | Interferences

Max Stern was born in a small provincial town in the late 1950s. He studied in a somewhat larger provincial town and became interested in the possibilities of computers and learned to program. Because of his interest in patterns and structures, he wrote programmes to create structures and software to recognise patterns. After his studies, he worked as a civil servant and developed pattern recognition programmes for tracking down fraudulent accounts. In addition to his regular work, he produced a large number of artworks based on various mathematical series and structures. After his retirement, he elaborated them in the coherent series “Interferences” which, despite its fairly limited starting points, has an almost infinite number of variations. Max Stern does not exhibit or sell his work; he wishes to keep all these works together as a whole. However, he is currently working on a plan for a large studio and presentation space where all the work can be stored and a selection of it shown. Part of this is a 225-square-metre space, part of which will be monitors and the rest mirror walls in which a visual presentation of his work will be shown in a dizzying and infinite form. The programme that Stern is developing for this will never produce the same image twice, so that every visitor sees something that no one else has ever seen before or will ever see again.